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317 West Market Street 15

Built early in the mid-19th century by a Montgomery, this home was later owned by Thomas Beaver. The widow of Thomas’ only son, Arthur Beaver, lived here until her death. It was sold to the

Marks’ family in 1908, and has been occupied by a member of the family since then. It is a 2.5 story, brick gable-roofed dwelling with 5x2 bays and Italianate detailing.

339 West Market Street


Onetime residence of William Faux, owner of the Danville Iron Works, this Italianate style building is distinguished by a façade wall dormer and rooftop belvedere.

326 West Market Street


This Georgian Revival style residence was built by Jean Lavigne c. 1916. He owned the Danville Silk Mill along with Lucien Jouvard. Note the gable roof and the fleur-

de-lis ornamentation on the shutters. The Boy Scout camp near Benton, PA is named Camp Lavigne due to J. Lavigne’s contributions developing it as a scouting camp.


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