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171 West Market Street


This Italianate-style residence was built by the Rhodes family in 1869. It includes a central façade pavilion and a 2.5 story rear extension. William Benneville Rhodes was a Danville native

and a European-trained artist with a national reputation. His well-regarded work includes portraits of Thomas Beaver and George and Abigail Geisinger.

181 West Market Street


This is a 2.5 story, frame, cross gable-roof, Queen Anne/Shingle style dwelling. It was built in 1911 by Theodore R. Angle. He became the editor of The Morning News following the death of his father, Frank C. Angle in 1918.

203 West Market Street


This building has been on this site since 1855. It underwent extensive remodeling in the early 20th century and a restoration/reuse in 2011-

2012. It was originally The Danville Academy established by William Montgomery in 1819 and continued as a house of learning until 1897.


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