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107 West Market Street


The original house on this site was built by John Gallagher Montgomery. Constructed in the

Queen Anne style, this structure is noteworthy for its gables, dormers and extensions. It was remodeled by Mrs. L. E. Wells, Thomas Beaver’s daughter, in 1913.

135 West Market Street


This Federal style house was built in 1814 by Mary Magill, mother of Dr. William Magill, one of Danville’s earliest physicians. He was also the first burgess of Danville. The house, the second ‘brick’ home built

in Danville, is a 2.5 story, brick, gable-roofed, 5x3 bay, Federal style dwelling with parapetted double-end chimneys, Palladian gable windows and a fan-lighted entryway.

11 147 West Market Street

This is a 2.5 story, gable- roofed, log and frame, 5x2 bay, Federal-era dwelling. It was once occupied by Robert C. Grier, who was appointed an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court by

President Polk in 1846. It was later occupied by Dr. Solomon Schultz, inaugural superintendent of the Danville State Hospital.


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