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208 West Market Street


This home was once the residence of Dennis Bright, who was a member of the State legislature and partner with Colonel Charles Eckman in the Atlantic Oil Refining

Company. William Ward Watkin who designed Rice University and later became the head of the Architecture Department along with his mother lived at the Bright home. Watkin was the grandson of William Hancock and graduated from Danville High School in 1903.

202 West Market Street


This 2.5 story home was built on the original site of the Speiser Bottling Company, one of Danville’s earliest bottlers. Defining elements

from the Shingle style include steeply pitched roof, undulating shingle detail and multi-light casement windows.

158 West Market Street


This is a 2.5 story, frame gable-roofed, Federal Era dwelling with 6/5 bays, 2/2 windows and a small late Victorian porch. It was once home to Dr. Strawbridge, a Civil War surgeon, who was a prisoner of war in Richmond, Virginia. He was elected to served in Congress after the war, 1873-1875.


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