Walk Danville

407 Mill Street


In 1919, Lucien Jouvard and Jean Lavigne constructed this building, which once had a basement swimming pool, for use as a recreational facility for the female employees of their silk mill purchased from

F. Q. Hartman in 1914. It was also home to the Odd Fellows Organization for many years.

363 Mill Street


This building, c. 1920, is an example of the Art Deco style. Notice there are several stone engravings on the building.

325 Mill Street


The fan-lighted entrance on this ‘brick’ home, first to be built in Danville, is typical of the Federal style that was built in the early 1800s. Notice the mansard roof, larger windows, and bracketing. This residence was at one

time the home and office of James Scarlet, a local attorney who became famous for representing the state in exposing the Capitol Graft Cases in 1907 and attaining convictions in 1908. Mr. Scarlet served as an advisor to Abigail Geisinger while planning her hospital.


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