Walk Danville

Tour 1: Upper Mill Street & West Market Street This tour is approximately one mile in length.

Tour 1 Map on pages 14-15.

Starting on Mill Street at the Borough Building, traveling South toward the Susquehanna River.

Notice the park and interpretive sign next to the Danville Borough Building. The historic Pennsylvania North Branch Canal passed through the center of Danville at this location.

463 Mill Street


Built in 1922 as a Masonic Lodge, this building demonstrates the Classical revival style of architecture. Since 1995, the offices of the Borough of Danville have occupied this building.

453 Mill Street 2.

The City Hotel, built in 1872, occupied this building. Between 1957- 2019 it was the home of the Danville Police Station and the Mayor. At one time, the White Swan Hotel, owned by the Cornelison family, stood

on the site. Abigail Geisinger was a descendant of this family. The Montour Trust Company added the massive concrete fa├žade in the 1920s.


Turn to page 13 for Architecture Key

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