Walk Danville

As early as 1814, Montgomery recognized the value of the iron ore in the surrounding mountains and he predicted Danville’s future as a successful iron town. When his vision was realized, entrepreneurs came to Danville to mine iron ore, erect the furnaces to smelt it, and build the rolling mills to produce the finished products. The Montour Iron Works rolled the first iron T-rail in America on October 8, 1845. For a time, Montour was the largest iron mill in the country. The iron industry brought new wealth to this town and many of the buildings on this tour are a result of the wealth iron created in Danville. As you stroll on Danville’s Mill Street, please take note of the ornamental iron work on some of the downtown buildings, many of which were produced by talented local ironworkers. There are also decorative iron fences throughout this historic district. A walk through the streets of Danville is a study of 19th century architecture: Federal, Second Empire, Italianate, Colonial, or Classic Revival, Victorian, and Queen Anne.

Please respect the privacy of the property owners. Residences are not open to the public.


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