Walk Danville

Danville walk Danville’s West Market Street Historic District was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1985. A second area, shaped in an irregular grid oriented toward the river and the major Streets of Mill, Market, and Bloom, was added in 1994. Because of its location, Danville was a market town in the early 1800’s. By mid- century, it became an iron town and remained so for the next 100 years. The town’s modest beginnings were centered close to the Susquehanna River. Many of the homes that stand in that area today began as log cabins. In November 1774, General William Montgomery purchased 180 acres to bring his family from Chester County to the frontier. He erected mills along Mahoning Creek and built a log cabin. In 1792, Montgomery built the Federal stone home at the corner of Mill Street and Route 11. His home and barn (which no longer stands) were built away from the other settlers so he could develop his orchards and farm land.

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