Walk Danville

217 Pine Street


This Italianate-style building with arched windows, brackets and quoins was erected in 1872-1873 as the Danville High School. It housed both elementary and secondary students

throughout the years but became a grammar school in 1928 when a new high school was built on East Front Street. It was owned by the school district until 1989 when it was sold to a private party who restored and renovated it.

Continue down Pine Street and turn left onto Water Street.

318 Water Street


In 1898, F. Q. Hartman, built this home in the late Queen Anne style, which was

popular from 1880- 1910. It has all the elements of the style:

asymmetry, variety of form, irregular roof line, tall chimneys and a tower (turret). It also has a turret that includes a second story balcony that faces the Susquehanna River. Hartman built three local silk mills and 18 additional mills throughout the state. He was an area philanthropist, re-constructing the unsightly river bank near his home, naming it Montgomery Park. He donated land for an early Boy Scout camp along the Susquehanna River. Most notably he donated the ground for a sport field that still carries his name.


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