Walk Danville

Heading West from Bloom Street (Route 11), continue straight and pass Continental Blvd until you reach 175 Northumberland Street on your right.

175 Northumberland Street 50.

Alexander Montgomery, son of William Montgomery, the founder of Danville, built this home circa 1816-19. The North Branch of the Pennsylvania Canal once

passed in front of this house that was built from brick manufactured near the canal. Alexander and his family lived in the home until Iron Industry entrepreneurs purchased it in the early 1840s. Furnaces to smelt iron ore were erected nearby. Thomas Chambers, known throughout the iron industry and an original owner of the mill, lived in the home while he built the mansion on the hill above this building. For nearly a century, this house was home to those associated with the iron mill that was located across the road. George and Abigail Geisinger lived in the home in 1878 when he was secretary and treasurer of the Kingston Coal Company. The house was sold in 1938 by the Reading Iron Company, the last owner of the iron mill. Edward and Frederick Waltman purchased it for a restaurant, named Maple Hall, and sold it to the American Legion Post #40 in 1942.

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