Walk Danville

358 Bloom Street 43.

Built in 1875, the Grove Presbyterian Church combines round arches and stone detail of the Romanesque style with Gothic features. A tall, narrow stone structure with steeply pitched

roof, buttresses, polychrome arched entrances and windows and corner tower, reflects the massing of the Gothic period. It is the site of Danville’s first church and school.

Make a right onto Jefferson Court, and continue to the corner of Green Street.

538 Green Street


Built by Daniel Frazer in 1819, this stone dwelling is a good representation of the Federal Style. Frazer owned 100 acres of farmland in this vicinity: much of it would have been in today’s Danville borough limits.

Continue straight towards Spring Street then turn right and proceed to A Street. Turn left on A Street, and continue to Nicholas Avenue where you will turn left. Continue on Nicholas Avenue until you reach the corner of Railroad Street and Nicholas Avenue.


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