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108 West Market Street


The early structure built on this site was the home of Peter Baldy, Sr. , an early merchant and industrialist. He helped found the first bank in Danville and served as its first president. At the turn of the 20th

century, the home was purchased by William G. Pursel. He was a self-made man who rose from day laborer to a place of prominence as a civic leader and manufacturer. The Victorian Eclectic structure we see today is the result of an extensive renovation in the early 1900s.

62 West Market Street


William Colt built this brick, gable-roofed, 5x2 bay, Federal style structure in 1831. Colt was an original stockholder in the first river bridge at Danville, a major contractor on the North Branch canal,

involved in railroading in Schuylkill County, an officer in the Columbia Guards, and a local merchant. His daughter Elizabeth married Dr. Clarence H. Frick, who served with the Columbia Guards in the Mexican War. They became the owners of this home. There were many distinguished guests at this home through the years, including Thomas Edison.


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