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52 West Market Street


This house was built by Evenuel Haupt, who operated a tanning yard behind the property. In 1869 the home was occupied by the widow and children of Alexander W. Rea, who

had been the manager of the Locust Mountain Coal and Mining Company. Rea was killed in 1868 by robbers who believed he was transporting the mining company’s payroll. Three members of the “Molly Maguires” were hanged for the crime. This building is a 2.5 story, brick, mansard-roofed Italianate/Second Empire style dwelling with a semi-hexagonal façade pavilion.

46 West Market Street


Originally occupied by William Jennison, an early iron manufacturer, this house later served as the parsonage for the Methodist Episcopal

Church for approximately 100 years. This building is a 2.5 story, brick, mansard- roofed Second Empire style dwelling with a semi- hexagonal 2.5 story façade bay window.

42 West Market Street


This home is a 2.5 story brick gable-roofed 3x2 bay Italianate/Federal style dwelling, built by Simon P. Kase prior to 1840. Kase built railroads, iron mills, and threshing machines. Please take note of the

iron fence which was produced by Wood & Company of Philadelphia.


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