Walk Berwick

603 East Front Street 34

This is the Samuel S. Fowler House . It was built in 1852 by Samuel Fowler after he purchased land from Jared Young, who owned the land as part of a large farm in Salem Township. The architectural style of the home predated the Folk Victorian style, which was popular from 1870- 1910. It is a simple two story folk

form with minimal detailing. The house features a large, elaborate, spindle-work porch wrapping around two sides. As of 2023, the detached summer kitchen is still evident. As an interesting aside, Samuel’s great grandfather, Benjamin Fowler, surrendered with General Cornwallis at the Battle of Yorktown. The house has never been out of the Fowler family. Turn and walk north on Fowler Avenue for one block. Turn left onto East Second Street.

535 East Second Street


This is the Hillcrest Servant House and Stable , currently owned by the Multiplex Manufacturing Company. It was built in 1906 to house the staff, sleighs, carriages and horses for Hillcrest . The horse paddocks are still evident in the stable. The area which housed the sleighs and carriages is located on the right of the building

behind sliding doors. The left side of the building held the horses and that door opened on the opposite side of the building. The second floor was for storage. The staff portion of the building features three bedrooms and two baths. 517 East Front Street Rear 36

This is the J.W. Evans Carriage House . This is the original carriage house for the Riverview property. This block had a number of similar buildings to accommodate the transportation needs of the residents. It was said that S.E. Fenstermacher held an annual sleigh ride for residents through East

Berwick until his death in 1953.


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