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a real estate agent. He was also president of the Magee Carpet Company. In 1923, the home was purchased by Scott E. Fenstermacher. Scott owned a jewelry store in town and started the Overland Auto Sales Company, which brought the first automobile to Berwick in 1906. In 1960, the home was purchased by Joseph A. Rado, a successful contractor. In 2016, Jim Stout & Joseph Cappelloni purchased the home and restored it to the original 19th century interiors. It features many stained-glass windows, including one in the dining room that depicts the Bowman Coat of Arms. Oak, chestnut and cherry make up the wainscoting and woodwork. The home has the first private elevator installed in Berwick.

525 East Front Street 32

This is the Fowler-Creasy House . It was built in 1905 for Theodore Fowler and features Colonial Revival architecture. This style stressed relatively pure copies of Georgian and Federal prototypes. Facades are symmetrical with balanced rectangular windows. The front door is accentuated with decorative crown molding and leaded glass sidelights and

transom. It has elaborate woodwork of tiger oak in the front parlor. The grand staircase has an electric newel post lamp. There are large Palladian stained glass windows on the stair landing. Theodore worked on his father’s farm and also in the American Car & Foundry Company. He married Martha Harter. One of their sons drowned in the canal along the river. This home was owned by Erla Creasy for a number of years.

537 East Front Street 33

Known as Hillcrest when this house was built in 1903, it is referred to today as the Crispin Mansion and was the home of Frederick H. Eaton and his wife, Elizabeth. Mr. Eaton was chairman of the American Car and Foundry. This Neoclassical-style mansion contains 34 rooms, including eight bedrooms and nine bathrooms. The couple’s only child,

Mae Lovely, and her husband Clarence Crispin were gifted the home upon their marriage. Mae and Clarence’s son, Benjamin, moved into the home with his wife in the 1950s. Along with renovating the kitchen and adding a second elevator, they put in the first indoor pool in Pennsylvania. Their son, William, moved into Hillcrest in the early 1990s with his wife, and began a massive restoration. As of 2023, the home is occupied by Darren Crispin and his wife, Julie. It has never been out of the Eaton/Crispin family ownership.


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