Walk Berwick

Tour 3: East Front Street & East Second Street This tour is approximately a half mile in length. The Tour 3 Map is on Page 24.

506 East Front Street 29

This is the Olde Salem House. The home was originally built as a double house in 1880. It was purchased by Scott E. Fenstermacher and remodeled into a single family home in the Colonial Revival style in the 1930s. It was gifted to the granddaughter of Scott E. Fenstermacher and remained in the family until 2022. It has been restored and furnished in

This is the Eagle’s Nest . It was built in 1902 for members of the Evans family. The land originally was a formal garden for the J.W. Evans House across the street (517 E. Front St.). The property was later purchased by Scott E. Fenstermacher and gifted to his son. The home was restored and opened as an AirB&B in 2022. It is named for the many bald eagles that soar by along the Susquehanna River. A Native American eel weir can be seen during low water in the river. A sunken terrace, built in 1910, is behind the home and extends over the bluff. 512 East Front Street 30 Colonial New England style and is operated as an AirB&B. The back of the house features a root cellar. The bluff behind the house provides commanding views of the Susquehanna River.

517 East Front Street 31

This house, named Riverview, was built in 1895 and features Queen Anne architecture. It was the home of John W. Evans and his wife Annie Bowman Evans, both of whom were descendants of Berwick’s first families. The J.W. Evans family founded the first grist mill in nearby Evansville, a small village which is named for the family. Annie’s family

owned 100 acres of land along the river extending toward Beach Haven. John opened Berwick’s first insurance agency and was


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