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401 East Second Street


The Mansfield-Huntzinger House is a Queen Ann style built in the 1890s. It has the original clapboard siding, leaded glass windows, the original wraparound porch and it also had large awnings. In 1904,

William J. Mansfield lived here. In 1925, Robert J. Huntzinger lived here. Mr. Huntzinger was the proprietor of the Hotel Morton. A student named W.J. Morton also resided here. From 1934-1962, Dr. William C. Hensyl resided here. As of 2023, the new owners are Matthew and Terry Karchner. Matthew was a former baseball player with the Chicago White Sox.

310 East Second Street


The Pealer-Evans House is a Queen Anne style home built in 1908 by Harry Fahringer for Robert Pealer. Part of the property to build the home was purchased from Bruce Evans in 1907. At the time, the house was said to have modern conveniences such as: electric

lights, gas lights, a bathroom, city water and a sump for waste water. The Pealers were in the home only a short time when they sold it in 1911 to William Oliver. In 1951, it was sold to Willard and Kathryn Kelchner and they became the official owners in 1965. In 1977, an 15’ x 50’ addition was added to the west side and a two story garage was built.

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