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325 Market Street


An 1878 Italianate Revival style home with Moorish influence utilizing cast cement. It features a large steel carriage porch entry and note the amphorae with swags on the fa├žade. The house was built for Elijah R. Ikeler, elected President Judge

in 1888. Following his death a decade later, it became the residence of his son Fred. Later additions at the rear accommodated a succession of funeral homes.

317 Market Street


The Christian Science Church and Reading Room is in the Bungalow Arts & Crafts style. It is a Sears Roebuck house, built c.1920 from a mail order kit sent by train.

311 Market Street


A Queen Anne style house with interesting fishhook ornamentation and circular patterned shingles around a third story window. It was completed in 1893 and served as the residence of Dr. John Jordan Brown, a physician who began his

Bloomsburg medical practice in 1887 after moving from Mifflinville. He later willed his home to the Methodist Church to serve as a parsonage. Following the death of his sister Dorothy in 1936, the house was used as the church parsonage until 1962.

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