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249 Market Street


The Yorks Mansion was the original home of Frederick G. Yorks, who was a director of the Bloomsburg Silk Mills, founded in 1888. It was designed by Williamsport architect Meade B. Ritter in a Georgian Style. Meade began construction in 1905,

but took ill and passed away in March 1906. His brother Verus took over, with the mansion completed in early 1907. Among its many features are a monumental portico with Corinthian column, an ornamentation of garlands of fruit incorporating the pineapple, a sign of hospitality, and a keystone above all windows. Formerly on the site was the second Presbyterian Church building, a Georgian Style chapel which later became the Cummings & Verdy Company, a chewing gum manufacturer. Walk down Third Street and note the carriage house on the corner of Whiteman Avenue.

225 Market Street


The Bloomsburg Public Library was designed by

Philadelphia architect Verus T. Ritter in a High Georgian Revival style. Features include an engaged stone façade and pedimented gable roof. Note the stone relief depicting the shield from the Pennsylvania

coat of arms in the triangular pediment. An outcome of Bloomsburg’s centennial celebration in 1902 was the establishment of a free public library. It began in rented rooms until this building was erected in 1925 and opened for the first time on January 30, 1926. The addition at right was completed in 1998.

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