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450 Market Street


This unique house for Bloomsburg was built in the Prairie style, reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright designs. Its cubistic shapes and earthy organic colors were a rebellion against late Victorian grandeur. The house was built in the mid-1920s for William

F. Gunter, operator of the Bloomsburg Silk Mills, and. purchased in 1929 by insurance agent John Housenick. His two daughters, Elizabeth and Helen, resided here for their entire lives, Helen passing away in 1989.

401 Market Street


This Romanesque style with rusticated masonry building opened in 1893 as the Snyder & Magee Company Ltd. , owned by James Magee II. Note the decorative pointing of the masonry with red mortar. The store was a general store used by employees of the

Magee Carpet Company and in 1895 became the Leader Department Store. The Leader Store moved permanently to the Exchange Hotel on Main Street (#15) by 1913. The building was then remodeled and in 1922 housed a bakery, which became the Letterman Baking Company three years later under six Letterman brothers. To the right, on the site of the present offices, was first a shed and then a three-door garage built in 1939 to house the bakery’s delivery trucks.

345 Market Street


The First Presbyterian Church, built as a Victorian Gothic Style with Hummelstown brownstone laid in random courses, was dedicated on June 11, 1891. The architect for the church was C. W. Bolten of Philadelphia.

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