Columbia-Montour Quarterly Vol. 12: April-June 2024

LEFT: The International Harvester Collectors of Central PA Chapter 17 building and museum in Millville.

BELOW: A memorial plate for my grandfather, Paul “Pappy” Dalious, is placed on the side of his 1952 tractor.

Well, this is my lucky year; the International Harvester Red Power Showdown is returning to the Bloomsburg Fair from June 13 – 15, and Pappy’s Tractor is planning on being there. The host is our own local International Harvester Collectors of Central PA Chapter # 17 based out of Millville. This group’s roots started in 1993 during a meet in Center Hall for IH enthusiasts. A group of local enthusiasts got together and decided they would like to develop a local branch of the IH Collectors Club. By September of the same year, they were officially a chartered member. Tubby Barlow, another local collector, owned a building he used for his IH equipment that the new chapter was interested in acquiring. The chapter asked to use Tubby’s IH building, and in 2002, they had their first showdown in Millville. Soon after, Tubby sold the building to the Chapter. This building is home to a replica of the 1st mechanical farm equipment that became available to the public. It is on a permanent loan from Navistar, an American holding company created in 1986 as the successor to International Harvester. It is a horse-drawn harvester used to cut small grains. Also located in their museum is the one-millionth refrigerator that IH made, which is also on permanent loan from Navistar. Plus, there’s also a mechanical robot named TRACTO, who was made in 1960 by Harvester engineers in Hinsdale, IL, from hundreds of tractor parts. TRACTO belongs to the chapter’s

TRACTO, the unique 8 foot tall robot made from hundreds of tractor parts!


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