Columbia-Montour Quarterly Vol. 12: April-June 2024

The Columbia County Traveling Library car in 1941.

The Bloomsburg Public Library hosts a wide variety of educational programs and events, like this photography workshop.

the library will be the community living room – the place where we all want to visit and connect with one another.

As much as I enjoy borrowing books, I also love buying them. I use my e-book app often, but there’s nothing like holding a book in your hands. I also enjoy a bargain and library book sales are the way to go, satisfying my desire for a good deal and raising money at the same time is a win-win for me. The Columbia County Traveling Library has one from April 9 – 13 at the Lightstreet United Methodist Church and the Friends of the Bloomsburg Library will have their book sale in Blooms- burg from June 5 – 8. They accept donations of books as well. It’s a wonderful way to fill your own bookshelves with new titles and help out these very worthy institutions at the same time. Visit the Bloomsburg Public Library Monday through Satur- day at 225 Market Street Bloomsburg or learn more about them at: •

There are of course PLENTY of books and DVD’s to check out!

Ammon envisions even more events and gather- ings and wants everyone to feel welcome. He told me about Andrew Carne- gie, who helped fund over 2,500 libraries. Carnegie believed that the library outranked anything else the community could do for its people. If you have a group or an interest you want to share, the library is an excellent space for it. The library should be a community hub, a space where we can connect as humans over shared inter- ests and ongoing conver- sations. A strong volunteer base of diverse people – from all types of experi- ences and backgrounds –

Virtual Reality Day at the library.

make for a better, more well-rounded community. To take things to the next level, I encourage everyone to visit and just as importantly, DONATE if you can. The library benefits ev- eryone. The more folks that get involved or donate, the more


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