Columbia-Montour Quarterly Vol. 12: April-June 2024

Some of the newer changes are the development of a strong working relationship between the Columbia County Traveling Library, the Orangeville Library and Bloomsburg. While they will remain separate institutions, working to- gether allows patrons to access over 100,000 books, audio books, DVD’s and more. Amanda Noblit, the new Director of the Traveling Library, told me that this takes the former inter-library loans to the next level, giving patrons all over the county better access to the blended card catalog. By working together, all three libraries offer access to Lib- by (e-books), Kanopy (video streaming) and Comics Plus (comics and graphic novels). Oh, and do you remember the fines for returning something late, or the fees to join if you didn’t have a Bloomsburg address? They’re gone! Anyone who lives, works or goes to school in Columbia County can get a free Library card at the Bloomsburg Pub- lic Library. Earlier I said that the library gave me the feeling of walking into a living room. That’s exactly what Ammon and the staff are going for. These creative and enterprising folks have used donated furniture to create a space that invites anyone and everyone to be part of the scene. And what a scene it is! When I was young, sometime right after the invention of the wheel, the library was a magical place for a bookworm like me. Today, the books are still there, but there is so much more. It’s a place where everyone is wel- come, from little ones having fun with Ms. Angie during Preschool story time to teens bonding over video games during Open Game Night to folks enjoying a game of bridge on a peaceful afternoon. There’s been interest in starting a Dungeons and Dragons group, a game near and dear to my own nerdy heart. (If anyone needs a moody elf with history of rolling critical fails for their group, let me know. Have character sheet, will travel!) There’s also the newly available Library of Things. You can sign out all sorts of items, from a sewing machine to a telescope and more. Got a new or like new item you’d like to donate? Let the folks at the library know!

The Library’s Bridge Club, held every Monday from 1 - 4 PM. You can also come learn to play from 11:15 AM - 12:45 PM.

A “Frozen” party at the Library.

A sidewalk book sale at the Library in the summer of 1965.


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