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338 Mill Street


Paired brackets and quoins distinguish this four-story Italianate-style building known as the “Baldy House.” First built as a dwelling house in 1870 by Peter Baldy, Sr. , it was converted into a hotel by

William C. Williams in 1891. At the time it was built, it was the tallest building in Danville.

362-364 Mill Street


Restored by Bob McWilliams to its early 20th century appearance, this Italianate style building, often referred to as the Keystone Building. Valentine Best, the State Senator noted for his influence in the separation

of Montour County from Columbia County, lived in a building that previously occupied this site. Many local organizations were tenants in this building and from 1904 to 1939 it was home to the Danville Post Office.

410 Mill Street


The Danville Post Office, which opened in 1939, was built on the site where Danville’s famous Opera House stood from 1873 to 1937. In the lobby you

will find a W.P.A. cast aluminum relief mural, “Iron Pouring,” created in 1941 by Jen de Marco.

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