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Tour 1: N. Market Street & East Fifth Street • This tour is approximately a half mile in length. The Tour 1 Map is on page 9.

344 North Market Street 1

This is the Jackson Mansion . This palatial mansion has been referred to as one of the finest examples of Victorian architecture found anywhere. With a hint of southern infleunce, the mansion dates back to the Civil War when Col. Clarence Gearhart Jackson, a Berwick native, was imprisoned in

the south. While in prison, he made drawings and planned his dream home. After his release, he turned his sketches over to John Brugler, an architect from Danville. Colonel Jackson’s home was built upon land owned by his father, Mordecai Jackson. Construction on the home began in 1877 and was completed in 1879. It boasted an astounding 22 rooms. Vermont stone was transported to the construction site in the winter on large horse drawn sleighs to make up the exterior of both the home and the Carriage House. The Mansion features a grand staircase with seventy-five Corinthian columns in the balustrade, along with many stained glass windows. The most unique feature is the built-in wash stations in all of the bedrooms with hot and cold running water - a rarity for the time. The home also boasts a heated staircase. Unfortunately, Col. Jackson lived in the mansion for less than a year before he passed away. His widow remained living there until 1913. In memory of their parents, the Jacksons’ daughters gifted the property to the Borough of Berwick in 1915. The property became Berwick’s City Hall and housed the Berwick Public Library, the Red Cross, and Emergency Management and Civil Defense. In 2010, the Berwick Historical Society took over the property for restoration. It is now open for tours.

Map Guide is available on Page 9

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