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301 East Front Street 22

This is the Muster House . This Colonial Revival Style home was built in 1922 by Ernest Muster. Mr. Muster was the head of the Mifflinville Silk Mill. He never had any children. The home took four years to build. Starting with the foundation, as each level was completed, the level was left to set for a year. The home is three

bricks thick. The home has many unique features including tiger oak woodwork, many stained glass windows and two entrance doors with beveled glass. The home was sold at auction in 1960 to Thomas S. Cretella, M.D. and his wife Grace who raised their ten children in the house. As of 2023, the home still remains in the Cretella family.

314 East Front Street 23

This is the Elmes House . The architecture of this home has elements of Colonial Revival. It retains original stained-glass windows as well as the wrought iron fence that was placed when the house was built. It was owned by Frank Corkins Elmes and Mary Elmes. Born October 1, 1906, Frank

was the only son of William E. and Lillian Corkins Elmes. William Elmes was a prominent citizen of Berwick. He was in many battles of the Civil War and was wounded in the siege of Petersburg. In this battle, he received a gunshot wound to his left arm and lost a finger from his left hand. He was employed by the Jackson & Woodin Manufacturing Company and later the American Car & Foundry Company. He graduated from the Dickinson Law School and his law career included being a member of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Frank followed in his father’s profession and became a lawyer in 1931 with offices at 113 West Front Street.

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