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209 East Front Street 18

This is the Eaton House . This brick home was originally occupied by Frederick Heber Eaton as his summer home. During the period of 1892-1899, he was first secretary, then vice president and eventually president of the Jackson & Woodin Manufacturing Company. In 1899, under Eaton’s presidency, he merged

Jackson & Woodin Manufacturing with 17 other companies to form the American Car & Foundry Company. Eaton was a member of many civic and business organizations in the New York City area. Eaton married Elizabeth Furman in 1881 and they had one daughter, Mae Lovely, who later became Mrs. Clarence Crispin. Mr. Eaton died unexpectedly in 1916 and had one of the largest funerals in Berwick.

218 East Front Street 19

This is the Madison Frantz House . This home features Queen Anne architecture and is thought to have been built between 1880 and 1890, with multiple styles of cedar shingles. It retains its original stained glass windows. It was originally occupied by Mr. Madison Frantz, a notable merchant with an

established restaurant. Mr. Frantz was also a carriage maker. His carriage business was on the south side of Front Street, in the main business block with Euclid Avenue running alongside the business. It was said that Mr. Frantz always had a barrel of beer on tap at the business and it was shared by Madison, his employees and customers.

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