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1 Market Street


This Italianate style house dating from the 1830s is noted for its cupola and the encircling verandah. Rev. David J. Waller purchased the property in 1847 and lived here until he built a grander home at Market and Fifth Streets. Retiring from the pulpit in 1871, Waller devoted

his time to the development of industries, a railroad, and extensive housing tracts. A later owner, Dr. William M. Reber, had his surname engraved on the carriage stepping stone at the front of the property.

75 West 1st Street


Built in the 1840s, this Federal/Greek Revival style home was owned by Judge Warren Woodward, the first elected judge (1856 - 1861) of the 26th judicial district and later a Justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Greek Revival details

in the porch, the cornice, and pilasters distinguish this structure that commands the vista down Market Street. A later longtime owner until his death in 1939 was Amon Z. Schoch, for many years the president of both the Bloomsburg Bank-Columbia Trust Company and the Bloomsburg State Normal School Board of Trustees.

102 Market Street


James Thornton, a blacksmith, owned this Federal style property at the time of the 1830 census. This post-and- beam house is one of the oldest standing frame structures in Bloomsburg.


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