Walk Bloomsburg

Please respect the privacy of the property owners. Residences are not open to the public. Architectural Review Board to assess building-permit applications to ensure that the historic qualities of the District are preserved even in such details as the style of windows. hitching posts in front and/or small stables at the back, relics of the pre- automobile age when the homes were built. In the 1980s the Town of Bloomsburg began a concerted effort to maintain and enhance its architectural heritage. The Town Council established a Historic District, roughly five blocks long and four wide. The Town also created a Historic ornamental brickwork, wrought-iron details, and prominent cornices (roof- line projections). The focal point of the downtown is the Market Square with its Civil War monument and Stroup Fountain. Important landmark buildings are Bloomsburg University’s Carver Hall, Bloomsburg Town Hall, and the Columbia County Courthouse. The adjoining residential districts, particularly on Market Street and Fifth Street, display numerous attractive homes from the same era. Some of these are fairly grand but all were built as “livable” single-family homes. Several homes retain


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