Walk Bloomsburg

Bloomsburg walk Bloomsburg’s Historic District offers a wealth of visual delights to sharp-eyed observers. This booklet outlines three Self-Guided Walking Tours to highlight some of the outstanding features of Main Street and the adjacent residential areas. Bloomsburg’s original town streets were laid out in 1802 by Ludwig and John Adam Eyer, confident that the location at a regional crossroads would guarantee growth. After a slow start the village grew rapidly in the latter half of the 19th century. A majority of the buildings in the Historic District date from that era, with a few earlier (1830-1850) and a number of 20th-century buildings. Architectural styles are varied, from austere Federal to highly decorative Second Empire and Romanesque. The “character” of the downtown is evoked chiefly by two- and three-story brick commercial buildings erected along Main Street before 1900. These buildings evidence a variety of 19th- century styles, but many of them have common features: narrow sash windows,


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