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4 West Fifth Street


Thomas Gorrey designed this Colonial Revival Style house, c.1890, which originally had a balustraded deck above the porch. Former home of Isabella and C. Clinton Peacock, who served as a Town Councilman.

42 East Fifth Street


This Victorian Eclectic style house was built by Judge Elijah R. Ikeler for his son Fred, an attorney, and wife Anna. Its Byzantine influence is shown by the onion dome, with radially skewed slate roof. Note

the giant owls placed on the gables to deter birds. The couple moved in for Christmas 1894 but sadly, Anna died a year and a half later. In 1898 Fred sold the house to his brother Frank, also an attorney and onetime Mayor of Bloomsburg.

60 East Fifth Street


A Queen Anne Style home designed by Bloomsburg architect Louis Bernhard. Note the heavily corbelled chimney situated at the rear corner of the building. The porch is a later addition. John

Funston had the house built as the residence of his daughter Sarah and son-in-law Paul Wirt, who moved in after their marriage on January 1, 1878.

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