2020 Columbia-Montour Travel Guide

gourmet market. If you meet Denise, a 4th generation family member, she may share with you why she feels it is important to be a part of the local community, providing quality food and supporting local businesses. She is happy to carry on the family tradition. The upper level of the barn has been restored and redesigned and the Gift Loft now offers a wide range of charming well-crafted décor and gifts for any special occasion. There is also a children’s section and an area for hosting small parties and events. Visit with Cathy, a 3rd generation family member, while selecting your soaps or teas and hear the story of how the barn was converted from a place for tractors, chickens and grain to a charming store providing beautiful articles and tasty foods. The farm market is open spring, summer, and fall. As people have traveled to the region to visit other area tourist attractions, they have made visits to Rohrbach a part of their tradition. Those who visited the farm as kids are now bringing their grandchildren to experience Rohrbach’s many seasonal activities. Special outdoor events include weekend festivals in October promoting family friendly and “fright free” activities such as the corn maze, play land, fire pits, picnic pavilions, hay rides and live music.

The family also has a strong commitment to living in the region and continues to explore innovative ideas and new farming methods. They are currently looking into converting to a high-density orchard and implementing no-till cover crop applications to protect the soil. The health of their farm and the continued success of the region as a whole is of the utmost importance to the Rohrbach family, and it shows. While recently visiting with the Rohrbach family, I was pleased to see the activity that was happening in and around the store. Fifth generation future farmers were helping with chores and tasks, illustrating that this is clearly a family operation with an eye on the future. The shop was bustling with people of all ages and included families, seniors, kids and young couples. There truly is something at the farm for everyone. A shopper, Maria, happily exclaimed "I need my Rohrbach’s fix. I step in here and I know everything is going to be OK!” I can only encourage everyone else to visit - chances are you will agree. Learn more about the farm, upcoming events, new products, and more by visiting rohrbachsfarm.net .


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