2022 Columbia-Montour Visitors Guide

In Columbia County, Bloomsburg is the largest, with a population of just over 14,000. It is also home to Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. A unique feature of Bloomsburg is its designation as the only incorporated “town” in Pennsylvania, officially made so by the State General Assembly in 1870. All other communities in the state are designated as cities, boroughs, or townships. A section of downtown Bloomsburg is also a National Historic District, which ensures the preservation of its fine residential architecture. To the east, Berwick has a proud industrial history. For a number of years, the borough was the largest manufacturer of train and subway cars in the eastern United States. In 1904, Berwick’s American Car & Foundry Company produced the world’s first all-steel

A destination is only as vibrant as its communities, and Columbia & Montour Counties may be counted as fortunate in that regard. While much of the region is comprised of idyllic river valleys, rolling hills, and rural farmland, as well as parks, forests, and state gamelands, the area’s communities are at its heart.

Downtown Danville Photo by Seunghyo Hong



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