Walk Danville

Tour 2: Lower Mill Street & Bloom Street This tour is approximately 1/2 mile in length.

Tour 2 Map on pages 20-21.

Starting on Mill Street traveling North.

615 Mill Street


The Huber Ironworks manufactured the cast iron features of this Italianate style building in Danville, c. 1869. Formerly the Union Hotel, it was purchased by the Veterans of Foreign Wars in 1984.

608 Mill Street


Built in 1870, this Italianate style building was the site of Cole’s Hardware for near 100 years. Cole’s Hardware store on Mill Street opened by Jacob Cole in 1890 became the “Old Hardware” restaurant

operated by his great-grand-daugher in 1982. At that time, the hardware business moved to its present location on Ferry Street.

630 Mill Street


This structure housed the First National Bank which was chartered in 1864. It is an example of the Classical Revival style. The building was erected in 1923 on the site of an earlier structure, built by Alexander Montgomery.


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