Walk Berwick

500 North Market Street


This is the McBride Memorial Library , which first opened on January 16, 2008. It was built in 2007 after the original Market Street School building was razed in 2006. Originally, land owned by the Jackson family was donated to allow for the creation of a public school on the

property. The original school building was constructed in 1870. After it was no longer used for classes, the Berwick Area School district still retained its offices here until shortly after the turn of the 21st century.

•From the corner of East 5 th Street, cross Market Street and head south towards East 3 rd Street.

345 North Market Street


This is the First Methodist Church Parsonage . The church is located two blocks south, at 200 North Market Street. The parsonage was erected under the pastorate of W.W. Evans in 1883 on a lot purchased by Jackson & Woodin for $725. On September 20, 1882, the following was entered

into Columbia County deed Book 18, Page 460: “Jackson and Woodin Manufacturing to Trustees of M. E. Church of Berwick: IN TRUST: “the said premises are hereby conveyed in trust that the same shall, be held, kept, and maintained as a place of residence for the occupancy of the preachers of the M. E. Church in the U.S. of America who may from time to time be stationed in said place subject to the usage of the General Conference within whose boundary said are situated.”

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