Walk Berwick

Berwick walk Berwick was originally founded in 1786 by Evan Owen, an English Quaker. He began to plot out and survey lots as early as 1780. Berwick’s Walking Tours are a total of 1.5 miles of some of the most historic homes, buildings, and residences of several influential individuals who settled here throughout its more than 200-year history. If all three tour segments are finished, it takes roughly an hour and a half to two hours to complete. Tour 1 begins at one of Berwick’s most well-known landmarks, the Jackson Mansion. The Jackson family has a rich history connected with the Civil War and the industrialization of Berwick, which shaped the future of this borough. The tour continues to visit the First Presbyterian Church, the Kelchner Funeral Home, and the Jackson Mansion’s Carriage House, where the mansion’s coachman also had his workshop. From there, you will see several other historic homes, one of which was the coachman’s house. Afterward, you will pass by a number of interesting stops: the Jackson Mansion Parlor Maid’s House, the McBride Library, the First Methodist Church parsonage, the David A. Sadock House (which is the current home and headquarters of the Berwick Historical Society), and one of the last remaining exposed brick-paved streets in Berwick. Tour 1 includes a total of eleven stops, and covers approximately one half mile of walking on flat surfaces. A majority of the stops on Tour 2 are located on East Front Street, but you’ll first begin at the First Methodist Church on Market Street. As you make your way to the main intersection of


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