Walk Berwick

Tour 2: Market Street & East Front Street This tour is approximately a half mile in length. The Tour 2 Map is on Page 18.

200 Market Street


The First United Methodist Church was built in 1902 for the sum of $50,000. The building is noted for its unique stained- glass windows and large bell tower. The tower’s finial purportedly makes it the tallest building in Berwick, and it can be seen upon entering town from across the Susquehanna River. The original top of the bell tower was replaced in 2012. The Jackson family donated the large stained glass windows facing Market Street as well as the church organ.

100 East Front Street


The St. Charles Hotel once stood on this site. The position of Berwick, at the terminus points of two turnpikes and conveniently located at a key transit point along the river, made it a place of considerable importance in early days. Stagecoach travel aided Berwick’s prosperity, and in 1810, a mail service route was added. The corner of Market and

Front Streets was a choice location for inns. The St. Charles Hotel was built in 1816 by H. Seybert and was influenced by the Federal architecture style. Before Seybert built his hotel, a log structure had been erected on this site at the southeast corner of the property. The structure was built by the founder of Berwick, Evan Owen, sometime in the 1780s. Seybert’s hotel was a two-story brick structure with a basement. Later, a third story was added. At the rear were livery stables where the horses of the guests were kept. It became a popular place for newsmen to gather and get the news of the latest happenings in the town. The former St. Charles Hotel became host to a number of store fronts in the mid 1900s until it

was destroyed by a fire on August 27, 1982. The lot sat vacant for a number of years until a park was created and then dedicated on December 21, 2007. The park was named by Jim Stout from the Berwick Historical Society.


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