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Architecture Key

Queen Anne Style

Architectural features include an asymmetrical façade; dominant front-facing gable, often cantilevered out beyond the plane of the wall below; round, square, or polygonal tower(s); a porch covering part or all of the front facade; patterned wood shingles, terra cotta tiles, relief panels, or wooden shingles over brickwork; bay windows; horizontal bands of leaded windows; monumental chimneys.

Georgian Style

Architectural features include a symmetrical form and fenestration (window placement); multi-pane windows (6-20 panes in each sash); side-gabled or hipped roof; stone or brick walls; transom window over paneled front door; pediment or crown and pilasters at front entry; cornice with dentils; water table or belt course; corner quoin.

Colonial Revival Style

Architectural features include a columned porch or portico; front door sidelights; pedimented door, windows or dormers; broken pediment over front door; pilasters; symmetrical façade; double-hung windows, often multi-paned; bay windows or paired or triple windows; wood shutters often with incised patterns; decorative pendants; side gabled or hipped roofs; cornice with dentils or modillions.

Federal Style

Architectural features include a symmetrical form and fenestration; elliptical fan light over paneled front door; side lights flanking front door; cornice with decorative moldings, low pitched side-gable or hipped roof; double hung windows and crown or entry porch; tripart or Palladian window; curving or polygonal projections.

Italianate Style

Buildings highlighted in the architecture key may be followed by the words “Revival Style”. This refers to Revivalism, which in architectural terms is the use of visual styles that replicate the style of an earlier architectural era. Architectural features include a cornice with decorative brackets; widely overhanging eaves; two or three stories in height; tall, narrow windows; curved (segmental) arches over windows or doors; elaborate window crowns, often arched or with brackets and pediments; single story porches, either full width or entry porticos; low pitched roof; cupola or square tower with bracketed cornice, and quoins.


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